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That easter egg... I... I just... *Shudders* Creepy... Everything else is fine, though.

Hot damn... That was impressive... Only a couple ways to improve it. First off, why the hell is there a table and chair just sittin' in the middle of a field? Second, try adding some better music. The music is fine, but it could be improved. Other than that, it's great. Amazing action, fluid animation, great jokes, the whole nine yards.

HOT... DAMN... This is one of the most impressive anims that I've ever seen. I'd say the only thing that could improve it is adding a background to the entire thing

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I've always enjoyed this game, as well as it's sequels, but it's always tough to get up the money you need for equipment to keep up with the others. I was at one point still using a bit of level 1 equipment when I made it to the third champion.

Simple game, simple premise, easy to play. Especially easy if you have a touchscreen. XD

I'll be honest, I found this game to be pretty boring. I mean, literally all you're doing is making a few characters and having them fight each other, with you having literally no influence in the fight with the exception of deciding how their stats are altered when they level up. The ONLY reason I didn't quit after a couple rounds is the sheer number of medals it has.

JeffAzure responds:

yup, the actual fights are luck-based rather than skill-based. I like creating characters and watching them fight though. I think some more move variety would make them more entertaining. letting the player set up the ai somehow would give them more control. and adding more activities in between fights would make the game more stimulating. I'm looking into different things to add in the sequel to make it more enjoyable.

I'm a rookie sprite artist/animator who specializes in Sonic-style work, though I'm willing to try other stuff, too. Message me if you're interested in commissioning.
PS: Just thought I'd say that all characters in my art are aged up to at least 18.

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